PowerBlock: The Elite 90


The PowerBlock: Elite 90 is the Holy Grail of adjustable dumbbells. This beast of a dumbbell ranges from 5 lb. to 90 lb. per dumbbell, a combined weight of 180 lbs. All of this weight is compacted into a 2 1/2 ft. square. That’s insane! If that’s not enough they also offer the expansion on this to take it up to 120 lbs. per dumbbell.

The PowerBlock: Elite 90 is the ultimate tool for building muscle and at their weight you’ll be using them for many years without worry of them getting to light. Can you imagine curling 90 lbs?……yea, may as well call you  Arnold. Th nice thing about these PowerBlocks is that they offer a pin to switch between the weights, just like a machine at the gym. That makes changing the weight even faster.

The PowerBlock: Elite 90 is made with the same great quality as all the other PowerBlock products. Some people complain that the weights rattle at the higher end, they do. It is my experience thought that this should be of no concern. While I do not own a set of these (yet) I have had the pleasure of trying a friends. With repeated sets of shoulder and bench presses they showed no sign of rattling out. In my opinion PowerBlock as the most sturdy and best made adjustable dumbbells on the market.

One last benefit. Go ahead and throw away your weight lifting gloves if you get these. The grip on the handle is fantastic. I used to get callused all the time on from the metal bars, these have a rubber…..almost gelly-type handle that makes me smile every time I grab them. The PowerBlock: Elite 90 is by far my favorite out of all the PowerBlocks, I cannot wait to order mine!

Ready to buy your first set of PowerBlocks? As promised you can pick them up here and get FREE SHIPPING: PowerBlock: Elite 90
(Do yourself a  favor, click the link……..click it)


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