The Classic PowerBlock


The Classic Fifty is where it all began. Each dumbbell weighs a total of fifty pounds and can be increased from 10 – 50 in five pound increments. This PowerBlock is fantastic for beginners to advanced weight lifters. I have had mine for 2 years while doing P90x and have just recently hit the 50 lb. marker for some of the exercises. If you using the proper form then these PowerBlocks should last you for quite a while.

The Classic 50 PowerBlock is all metal with the exception of the handle that is plastic. The handle, however, does have metal inserts on the inside to make sure it can support the weight. The weights themselves are color coded so you can quickly change weights in between sets and not waste valuable workout time.

The only downside to the Classic 50 is that there is no expansion available for it. The Elite 90 and Personal Trainer model offer expansions. These allow you to buy extra weight that your PowerBlock can attach to. This however is not a huge deal as these weights will most certainly keep you busy for a looooooong time. This PowerBlock was my first purchase and 2 years later I am still using them.

Ready to buy your first set of PowerBlocks? As promised you can pick them up here and get FREE SHIPPING: PowerBlock: The Classic 50 (Do yourself a  favor, click the link…… it)


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