Welcome To My PowerBlock Store

Welcome to My PowerBlock Store. Check out the links to the right for detailed review on all the current PowerBlocks and where you can find them with free shipping!

Why are PowerBlocks so great?

They allow you to turn this:

Into this:

With programs like P90x and Insanity gaining in popularity gym memberships are being replaced by dumbbells; and why be bothered to buy a whole set of dumbbells when you can just buy one at the fraction of a price that a whole set would cost.

When buying normal weights the average price goes for about a dollar a pound, with some quick math you can see the advantage of PowerBlocks

For a 50lb. set:

2 – 5 lb. dumbbells = 5.00

2 – 10 lb. dumbbells = 20.00

2 – 20 lb. dumbbells = 40.00

2 – 30 lb. dumbbells = 60.00

2 – 40 lb. dumbbells = 80.00

2 – 50 lb dumbbells = 100.00

total                         = 300.05

And that’s at ten pound increments. Most people I know increase their weight in 5 lb. increments. With PowerBlocks you pay a one time fee for a whole set of dumbbells (in 2 1/2 lb. or 5 lb. increments) and they take up as much room as one pair of dumbbells

PowerBlocks are all metal and made of the highest quality (I have dropped mine multiple times and they still keep going). The only downside is that they are almost impossible to find. You pretty much have to order them online, but then you have to pay shipping by the pound, and at 100 lbs. or more you may end up paying what the price tag was……just to ship it!

At My PowerBlock Store I am going to review all the current models of the PowerBlocks and where you can buy them with free shipping!

Feel free to look around at the site and check out the different models. I’ll post some links up at the end to show you where you can pick up the world’s best dumbbell.


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